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Mind of Christ Ministries explores decision making and the nature of mind from a Christian perspective.

Our thoughts and writings on God, His Only Begotten Son, and the nature of mind and decision making from a Christian perspective...

The Mind of Christ

Mind of Christ Ministries explores decision making and the nature of mind from a Christian perspective.

God the Father
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth is the very first sentence of the Bible. Packed into this momentous statement is the idea that mind is not material, it is spiritual. Matter, information, and algorithmic processes running under the laws of physics do not create mind. Rather, an uncreated, all powerful, all knowing, eternal Mind, God, created the universe and all that is in it. People say all the time, "Show me God, and I'll believe in his existence". You can't see God the Father. The reason for this is simple, God the Father is Mind...and you cannot see another being's conscious experience with your physical eyes. This holds true for people as well, yourself included. Imagine you wanted to examine a person's thoughts. What would you look at? Monitoring the person's brain would only show you the electrical patterns of billions of interconnected neurons...not that person's subjective conscious experience, what philosophers of mind refer to as qualia. What people can and did see, is the body of God the Father's Only Begotten Son, Christ Jesus.

God the Son
Christ Jesus is God who you can see. Fully God, the Mind of Christ is the very Mind of God Himself...sinless, All Loving, and eternal. Fully man, while He walked the earth the Mind of Christ experienced every temptation known to man, yet never sinned. He was ultimately crucified by the "white washed tombs" of his day. He died on the cross, was buried, and rose again on the third day...to be ever seated at the right hand of God the Father.

The Bible refers to your invisible, subjective conscious experience that no one else can see as your "heart". Christ Jesus makes it clear that out of the heart comes all evil thoughts, and all sin. The Bible makes it clear that there is NOTHING on this earth...no self improvement program, no amout of will power, and no guru that can completely wash away the sin found in a person's heart or thoughts. It is ONLY through believing in your heart that Christ Jeus died on the cross, was buried, and rose again on the third day that your heart will be washed clean of all sin. When your physical body dies, the Bible in Romans 2:16 says that you will be judged not just by your actions...but by the very thoughts of your heart that you think are secret. God also sees them and you will be judged by them. If you have allowed Christ Jesus to wash your heart clean of all sin, you will spend eternity in heaven. If you have not, you will spend eternity in hell. Christ Jesus is THE ONLY WAY to wash your heart...meaning your thoughts...clean of all sin and spend eternity in heaven.

God the Holy Spirit
God the Holy Spirit is God in communion...or communication, with the mind or heart of each believer in Christ Jesus. Once you have received Christ Jesus as King and Lord and Savior, You are then called into a personal relationship with God, and God Himself in the person of the Holy Spirit literally takes up home in your own heart.
At this point, your conscience, as a Christian, is the voice of God in the person of the Holy Spirit in constant communication with you.

Our Projects

Simple Digital Computer Project

Our first project was the creation of "SIMCO"...a simulator of a simple digital computer and accompanying digital logic circuit schematic map. We invite you to "get your hands dirty" exploring the "pumps, pistons, gears and levers" of a machine that, like the brain, many people believe can be made conscious...a digital computer. You can get started right away by FREELY DOWNLOADING the schematic and simulator from www.SimpleDigitalComputer.com.

Robots for Home Project
Robots for Home™ explores the non-material nature of mind and decision making from a Christian perspective through practical, hands on robotics projects that do useful work around the home. We are currently developing a local positioning system for use with robots around the home, and with augmented reality systems.

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